*TAPAJ targets people who live in great poverty (drug users, homeless or living of jobs on the street) and who are not ready emotionnally and professionnally to integrate the workforce. Working enables them to undertake initiatives such as providing themselves a home, health care, goods and increasing their self-esteem. It allows them to tackle their new lives in better conditions, in spite of the major personal and professional challenges they experience and promotes their social integration.
*Travail Alternatif Payé À la Journée
(Alternative work paid by the day)

tapaj-travail-ferme-roger-richardFarm work at  Roger Richard

tapaj-murale-cour-spectre-de-rueMural at Spectre de rue

tapaj-murale-avoisinant-hotel-st-andreMural of the alley surrounding St-Andre’s Hotel

tapaj-murale-rue-papineauMural 0n Papineau Street

tapaj-murale-ecole-garneau-2 tapaj-murale-ecole-garneau-1Mural at  Ecole Garneau

tapaj-murale-st-timotheeMural on St-Timothée Street

tapaj-murale-parc-beaudryMural at  Beaudry Park

Emplacements des divers projets TAPAJ

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