Neighbourghood Work

Neighbourhood workers tries to reach as many stakeholders as possible in order to reduce irritants related to Spectre de rue’s clients. The purpose is to come up to communal living conditions that are satisfactory for everyone. Being attentive to the inhabitants creates an opportunity for discussion and compromise.
This program is also in charge of collecting inappropriately disposed syringes in the borough of Ville-Marie, specifically inside the perimeter delimited in the north by Sherbrooke street, in the south by the Saint Lawrence river, in the east by the Canadian Pacific site and in the ouest by Bleury street. The person in charge is also responsible of counting the collected syringes, identifying the places where they are found and reporting it on a map of the area. He meets residents, organizations, enterprises and elected representatives of the area in order to raise awareness about the issue. He also makes sure that syringe disposal containers are properly used.

Neddle recycling bin